Engagement Model

International Advisory Council (IAC) provides a suite of engagement models to address the unique requirements of its clients and global business partners. These models have been designed to provide a flexible operating framework and maximize the value of engagements.

We support five engagement models:

1. Partnership Model
IAC partners with professional services firms across the globe to provide this engagement model. We represent our global business partners in different geographies, generate leads for their business and get into agreement with the end clients. We manage end customer relationship and charge initial set-up fee and success based fee or revenue share.

Features and Benefits

  • This is a good starting point for new entrants in the market; however with larger volumes it is recommended to shift to dedicated team model for significant savings and learning.

2. Dedicated Teams
IAC provides dedicated/full-time teams to clients and institutions. In addition to dedicated teams, we provide relevant infrastructure and project management to meet client and country specific requirements. Majority of our clients engage with us through the dedicated team model.

Salient Features

  • Dedicated team size varies between 3 full time equivalents (FTEs) to 10 FTEs; sometimes spread across different cities and countries, a popular structure is business development manager, analyst and support staff.
  • Customizable infrastructure, methodology and compliance to meet client-specific requirements
  • High applicability when there is predictable demand, requirement for expertise and specific infrastructure and training requirement

Key Benefits

  • Project team/ infrastructure/ compliance/ timing tailored to meet client-specific requirements
  • Improved overall performance, quality and value addition due to learning curve
  • The most cost-effective model for the client – reduces cost by >30%
  • Full utilization and complete control of team members
  • Highly recommended for government and multinational institutions

3. Risk/Revenue Share Model
IAC provides risk and revenue share model to multinational companies planning to sell their products and services in India through its network. However, this model is not available to all the clients and IAC undertakes a thorough due diligence before signing up for this model.

Salient Features

  • Good for technology, products and niche services companies
  • Reduce the risk of failure

Key Benefits

  • Very small set-up fee
  • Business risk is shared with IAC

4. On-demand and one time payment model
IAC provides on-demand (one time) project execution for pilot projects, large projects or add-on to dedicated teams. Our new clients use this model to test the level of services and gradually move to dedicated team structure.

Salient Features

  • Most suitable for initial engagement period and one time assignments (large delegation, event management etc.)
  • Fixed/Transactional pricing based on a clearly defined scope and methodology

Key Benefits

  • Clients can test the quality of our capabilities through on-demand model (however we might require some time to identify the most suitable candidates for such engagement)

5. Standardised Services
IAC provides a range of standard services for which the rates are fixed. These services include business immigration support, country overview, PEST analysis etc.

Salient Features

  • Fixed rates for standardised services
  • Sharing of best practices

Key Benefits

  • Specialized functional teams

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