Who we are

International Advisory Council (IAC) provides consulting services to organisations with global aspirations and is the trusted advisor to businesses of all size as well as local, regional and national governments. Multinationals companies approach us for their entry or expansions plans in India. Whether its supporting companies to registering a local office, searching a local partner, recruitment, accounting or property, International Advisory Council acts as a complete business advisor. Indian companies planning to go global have also benefited from our services whether its exporting products or services to International market place, setting-up business overseas or searching for a channel partner in foreign territories.

  • We work for and we work with various local and national government organisations, trade and investment promotion organisations, foreign embassies and consulates and chambers of commerce to help them achieve their objectives of increasing bilateral trade and foreign direct investments.

High tech companies, educational institutions and global universities approach us to identify research and development partners, opening overseas offices and campuses and licensing Intellectual Property (IP) and business development.

We reduce client’s risk of doing business in territories and countries not known to them by bringing the right experience and network.

We help our clients tackle the most challenging issues of starting a business in a new geography.

Our clients include small, medium and large organisations as well as government and semi government agencies planning to have footprint in India and other countries. We represent our clients in India and overseas locations helping them reduce the initial set-up cost, reducing the business risk and achieve profitability faster. We believe in developing long term trust-based relationships, which is mutually beneficial to our clients, partners and other stakeholders. We constantly feed our clients with business opportunities in markets of their choice and also help them secure contracts and large scale projects.

Our partners include professional service organisations, real estate developers and banking and financial institutions in countries across the globe with experience and rigour of working with foreign companies and inward investors.

We provide our employees a wonderful place to work, with opportunities for growth and constant learning.

We have the right industry expertise and geographical reach.

Strategy & Strengths

There are certain fundamental principles on which our company has been founded. These principles define our Business Strategy and our Strengths :

IAC is in the business of providing customized services to its clients and believes in highest standards of customer delight. We believe that in our business ‘one size fits all strategy’ does not work because each organization is unique and each project receives the highest level of service. All our customers are encouraged to share their valuable feedback on working with us and this is read by our senior management.

IAC is a global enterprise. We have never considered geography as a limiting factor in any of our projects or dealings, for us it’s an opportunity. We use our partners, experience and technology to transcend geography and create a global presence with respect to our clients, employees, partners and other stakeholders. We have physical presence in some parts of the world and we are represented globally by our clients and partners. All our services are technology and sector agnostic. However, we also believe in building technology and geographical expertise.

At IAC, we believe in continuous improvement and innovation.

Our services are provided at the highest end of the value chain. We take client feedback seriously and it helps us in improving our service levels.

IAC is a customer centric organisation. IAC aspires to be the best advisory firm in its niche of cross border consulting and we value all our clients equally irrespective of the size and nature of business. We believe in maintaining and growing our relationship with our small, medium and large scale customers. Our vision is to foster global trade and unleash the tremendous opportunities of global trade for organizations of all sizes and sectors.

IAC believes in agile processes and making it easier for our clients to work with us and others. We proactively identify and define processes for every function and service we provide and we define service level agreements around it. At the same time continuous change and innovation is our second nature. Our teams and service offerings are agile and flexible. We believe in a truly paperless environment. Our processes and service orientations helps us to accommodate our growth.

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